Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Most Interesting Proposal in Trumpcare

Dr. Michel Accad writes:

Donald Trump has released his healthcare proposal in a few bullet points.  I find little to object to.  He would remove the awful individual mandate, which would essentially kill Obamacare.  His most interesting proposal is to allow the importation of drugs from overseas (he must have read my blog!).  The left will find it hard to argue against this (Vox conveniently ignored that point in its coverage of Trumpcare yesterday), and so will the hypocritical right.  If Trump is elected and serious about this measure, he will find opposition from Pharma but also, I predict, from the FDA (Big Pharma’s most trusted ally).
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  1. "from the FDA (Big Pharma’s most trusted ally."

    If only the American public had a clue about how completely the regulatory state is controlled by regulated industries. The revolving door that turns regulators into highly paid executives of companies they previously regulated is scandalous and largely ignored by the useless crony capitalist news media.

  2. Is Trump going to throw a tariff on these imported drugs after legalizing them?