Tuesday, April 12, 2016

About That Wise-Ass Email I Sent You

An EPJ Daily Alert subscriber emails:
Hey Robert,

Last month I emailed you a wise-ass email (redundant?) anyhow,

I busted yer balls because your portfolio was DOWN. Well, hell, I knew
that that was part of the strategy, but I couldn't resist.

So at that time, while I was busting yer balls, I also picked up your
latest tip for my portfolio.

Well, we know that your predictions are coming to fruition, and I am
profiting quite well, thanks.

My rationale was: hey, he's GOTTA be smarter than me! So true.

Anyhow, thanks, and best to ya.

Capn mike

As far as buying a stock when it is going down as part of my strategy, he is referring to this, which I have recently started sending out to new EPJ Daily Alert subscribers as part of the welcome package:


  1. Behold. The new gold bull market has launched.

  2. My portfolio is up 30.1% since I started a few months ago. Thanks man, the gold stock alone is up 116.7% and everything else is green right now. Good times!

  3. ...oh, my worst performing stock, up .87%, was the tip I took from a friend and strayed from your portfolio.