Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Government Begins: Four Hour Blackouts in Venezuela

File under: Mixing price inflation, price controls and general central planning.

AFP reports:

Fridges zapped off in kitchens across Venezuela as the government turned off the electricity supply to help ease a power shortage that is worsening the country's economic crisis.

It is the latest drastic measure by the government in a crisis that already has Venezuelans queuing for hours to buy scarce supplies in shops.

The government imposed a four-hour blackout in eight states starting Monday and said the measure will last 40 days. The states of Caracas and Vargas had also been on the list for blackouts but were spared at the last minute.

The timing of the switch-off caught Pedro Tarazona by surprise at his shop in the town of Santa Teresa del Tuy southeast of Caracas.

The fridge was full of meat when it suddenly stopped working. So did the electric fan.

The machine for processing bank card payments wouldn't work either without power, so at least two customers left without buying anything..
.Maduro blames the collapse on an "economic war" by capitalists.

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  1. As are the ruling class in the US, I have no doubt that the rulers in Venezuela are completely insulated from the effects of their policies. What shortages? What rationing?