Friday, April 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton Wants Alexander Hamilton's Portrait to Remain on the Front of the $10 Bill

As speculation rises as to what announcement Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will make regarding putting portraits of women on the US currency, Hillary Clinton seems to be a strong advocate of keeping Alexander Hamilton smack dab in the middle of the $10 bill.

According to TIME, Clinton has said she has talked to Lew about her desire to keep Hamilton’s portrait on the front of the bill.

She's protecting a criminal that was worse than she is.

As I have noted, it would be an upgrade for the currency if  even Bernie Madoff were to replace Hamilton on the Ten.

Hamilton was bad news, very bad. See Major Surprise Changes Coming to US Currency.

If Lew decides to keep Hamilton’s portrait on the front of the $10 bill, the most likely place for a woman to be featured as the front portrait is the $20 bill (which currently features Andrew Jackson) a scenario that has been endorsed by Clinton, reports TIME.

Clinton's being in favor of the removal of Jackson's portrait is not difficult to understand, He was a populist, not an establishment insider, and he was against the establishment of a national bank.


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  1. I always thought it was weird that of all people they would suggest removing Hamilton. One would think the bien pensants would go after the racist Jackson.