Friday, May 13, 2016

Donald Trump: Amazon Doesn't Pay Enough Taxes and They Are in Violation of Antitrust Laws

It looks like Donald Trump wants to see Amazon pay higher taxes, perhaps this is Trump the bully after the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post posted an audio of Trump pretending to be a publicist (SEE:HILLARIOUS Donald Trump Impersonates a Publicist to Reporters ).

So Trump is threatening Amazon with higher taxes and antitrust suits?

I wonder what the libertarian Trump fanboys think about this? 



  1. I think the libertarian fan boys, as Hayek would say, have made an "intellectual error". I can relate, for a while I thought Trump was the lesser of the evils...

  2. The constant Trump cheerleading by Lew Rockwell and other libertarians has become a huge turnoff. Rockwell posts anything that makes Trump look slightly sympathetic to libertarian sentiment while completely ignoring this orange buffoon's threats to "print the money", escalate war on terrorist groups, raise taxes, and pursue immoral anti-trust attacks on the producer class. Hopefully Trump's absurd, statist attack on Bezos will cause Rockwell, Block, et al. to reconsider their shilling given LRC relies on Amazon referral money.

    Being anti-establishment isn't useful as an end in itself if the alternative is worse than the existing order. And there's every indication a Trump presidency would be a mercantilist nightmare from a libertarian standpoint. The reactionary support he's gaining from a certain group of libertarians could become a huge embarrassment to thinkers and scholars who should know better.

  3. It's a perplexing problem of what to do! Gov. Gary Johnson would be the logical choice but I don't see the support coming from Libertarian blogs as much as they supported Ron Paul. I'm not as enthusiastic about Johnson or the other Libertarian candidates as I was for Ron Paul. The thing that may persuade me to vote for Trump is the prospect of the next president appointing 2 to 3 Supreme Court Justices. A Hillary Clinton presidency would condemn us to an ultra progressive court for a long time!

    1. Gary Johnson said that gays should be able to sue someone who refuses to bake them a cake. How is it EVER possible to sue someone for refusing to enter into a contract with you? EVER? How can there possibly be a cause of action or a crime for refusing to deal with someone? This is basic stuff and people who don't get this basic stuff should not be allowed to be considered "libertarian". EVER.

  4. Wants businesses to pay their "fair share", supports unions (in their current framework), supports raising the minimum wage, supports limiting the market (protectionism) yeah that sounds like a real liberty guy. Sadly Trumpitarians don't care or just say that he's better than Hillary. Also maybe it's me but am I the only one who thinks Rainmondo is now moving the goal posts on Trump since his foreign policy speech? Originally Rainmondo has been saying that Trump is going finally change the direction of foreign policy for the better, claiming that he's anti-war. Since the speech now Rainmondo is saying that a Trump presidency is a possibility to get the anti-war movement in the door.

  5. It's just Trump hitting back at those who hit him. And by saying Corporations (like Amazon) don't pay enough taxes, he pull's Bernie supporters away from Hillary. Just don't take his slams as policy.

  6. It's called rhetoric, it's basis in fact is negligible and you should already be well aware that most of the electorate ignores facts anyway.

    Believe it or not Trump is the closest thing libertarians have as an ally.

  7. This is the clearest indication of what a Trump presidency would be like. The libertarian Trump fanboys are just confused culture warriors. They figure anyone who is publicly derided as racist or sexist Must be worth supporting. They're taking their cues from liberal backlash and nothing more. Most libertarians have conditioned themselves to feel congratulated for their own rationality when they see whiny liberals freak out and instinctively take the course that produces the most emotional response.