Friday, May 13, 2016

Paul Krugman Aims His Bazooka at Donald Trump

Paul Krugman, apparently beginning to turn toward the general election, is now upping his attacks on Donald Trump while the Bernie Sanders hits have subsided.

Will this seal it for an administration position for Krugman if Hillary gains the eight-year throne? Probably.

That said, amongst the mostly off the wall attacks that Krugman is making against Trump that he can't be serious about (other than to gain THAT future position), he occasionally does make some legitimate points:
One mystery is why Donald Trump, unlike every other major party nominee in modern times, is refusing to release his tax returns.... my guess, shared by a number of observers, is that the dirty secret hidden in those returns is that he isn’t as rich as he claims to be.


Donald Trump has a plan that will cost $4 trillion, but which he claims is deficit-neutral? Hey, it’s the same thing!


But what’s really interesting is whom, according to Politico, Mr. Trump has brought in to revise his plans: Larry Kudlow of CNBC and Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation....

So why would Mr. Trump turn to these of all people to, ahem, fix his numbers?

It could be a peace offering, an attempt to reassure insiders by bringing in Mr. Kudlow and Mr. Moore, who are influential members of the Republican establishment...

But my guess is that the explanation is simpler: The candidate has no idea who is and isn’t competent. I mean, it’s not as if he has any independent knowledge of economics, or even knows what he doesn’t know...
So he probably just went with a couple of guys he’s seen on TV, assuming that they must be there because they know their stuff.

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  1. Krugman just assumes that checking someone's past statements will necessarily show contradictory thoughts such as has been the case with Krugman! As is the case when you read some of his economic writings compared to his social commentary.