Tuesday, May 24, 2016

HEROIC: Top Economist Calls for UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer to Resign Over Brexit Propoganda

Professor Patrick Minford, a former advisor to the UK's Treasury, called for Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne to resign after the EU referendum following the Treasury’s “politically criminal” analysis of the impact of a Brexit vote.

Osborne claims quitting the EU could plunge Britain into a year-long recession.

The Cardiff University professor branded the 83-page document put out by the Treasury “intellectually deceitful and politically deceitful” with the Treasury having “gone into the gutter” with their “shock and horror” report.

“The big problem for the Chancellor if we vote for Brexit is that he will think it’s going to be a disaster, " Minford went on.

“Therefore I don’t think one could have any confidence that he would handle it right.

“You have to have somebody in charge who actually believes in the situation and how it can be dealt with so I think there would have to be a change.”

Minford also accused the Treasury of an “astonishing” and “crazy” assumption that Britain would keep all the same trade tariffs post-Brexit that are currently put on UK goods as an EU member.

Professor Minford said this “assumes you are a complete lunatic” as he branded the notion a bit of “Mickey Finn” slipped into the Treasury analysis to forecast a negative GDP result post-Brexit.

(via The Express)

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