Friday, May 6, 2016

TAKE THAT @BernieSanders: Important New Book on Socialism

Thomas Dilorenzo has announced a new book:
My new book, The Problem with Socialism, will be published on July 18 by Regnery Publishers.  It is available now for advance purchase on
The sixteen-chapter book is aimed mostly at the under-30 millennial generation (and their parents), 69 percent of whom informed a recent poll that they “could vote for a socialist for president.”  My hope is that the book will help avoid the absurdity of the millennials turning into “the Bernie Sanders generation.” Any reasonable person who reads and understands this book, along with Henry Hazlitt’s classic Economics in One Lesson, is not likely to become a socialist.
The book title comes from a statement Margaret Thatcher once made that “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money.”
DiLorenzo is one of the most important economic writers of our age. He is not afraid to explode myths---and he does so with facts and sound logic. This book should be read by everyone under 30, those over 30 who have been swept up in the Sanders mania, and by those who want to learn how to explode the socialism myth.

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  1. I am really appalled how many people are pro-socialist in my generation (30ish). I heard one person say that Ayn Rand is evil because she thinks selfishness is good. Of course she never read the book, but just the fact that her idea of capitalism comes from other peoples' analysis of an author of fiction shows how ignorant this crowd is. Trying to explain anything to them is like trying to explain to a child why too much candy is bad. They already made their decision, and facts don't matter. But I hope this book does some good.

    1. I ask them "if greed is so bad, why are you any better by wanting to take from others for yourself?"

    2. That's what I do. I point out that capitalists are only selfish with their own money that they worked for, while socialists are selfish with the money other people worked for. Which sounds more selfish? To mthierauf, that's exactly it. You can explain all you want but when it is a religious belief instead of based on facts, good luck changing their opinion, or even getting them to open their mind to an alternative.

  2. You can explain why socialism doesn't work and point out all the places where it has failed but the true believers don't care, you will never convince them otherwise.