Monday, May 16, 2016

The Harvard Bankster Driving the Elimination of High Denomination Bills

Tori Stilwell and Aki Ito of Bloomberg recently talked to Peter Sands, a senior fellow at Harvard's Kennedy School and the former CEO of Standard Chartered Plc, who according to Bloomberg, conducted  "research [that] helped spark the debate [on eliminating high denomination bills]"

If you can get beyond the giggling of the girls and ignore the pompous tone of Sands, all the government talking points are here as to why large denomination notes are evil from a government perspective.

This is a total propaganda piece. Although they note that some object to  the end of the large denomination notes, they never touch upon the key fact that elimination of the notes makes it much easier for governments to control how people spend money. In this interview, it is all about bad guys, (i.e. enemies of the state) using high denomination notes.


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  1. Other "enemies of the state" include readers of EPJ.

    Peter Sands might not be an "enemy of the state", but he is surely an enemy of the people.