Sunday, May 1, 2016

What Will Greg Mankiw Teach Malia Obama?

Greg Mankiw future professor of Malia Obama?

The word is out, after taking a year off,  Malia Obama will begin her studies at Harvard University in the Fall of 2017.

This could be interesting for Malia, if Harvard Professor Greg Mankiw has the balls to tell it like it is.

Mankiw teaches introductory economics (ec 10) at Harvard. It is very likely Malia will end up taking the course.

Mankiw is a Keynesian, so his theories about the business cycle are quite confused. But he does understand free market pricing and once wrote about Obamacare:

When students ask me about the Affordable Care Act, I often say that the policy was motivated as much by the desire to redistribute income as it was to reform the health care system.

And he once posted this on his blog under the title: Two Readings on Obamacare:
  1. 54 Colleges Cut Adjunct Hours
  2. Destined to Flop? 
Will he assign these readings in Malia's class?


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