Thursday, May 26, 2016

Will Apple's New "Open Door" Policy Be the New Trend in Urban Setting Retail Stores?

Apple just opened its new retail store in downtown San Francisco.The store is located in the major retail district that surrounds Union Square across from Macy's.

What is notable about the new store, created from the ground up, is that it has massive sliding glass walls on the side adjacent to the sidewalk. During the day, when the weather allows, Apple slides open the glass and the store takes on the feel of an urban high-tech outdoor market.

I took these pictures yesterday when the glass in the front was open. The glass slides open the complete height of the two levels of the store.

There is no question it provides a comfortable feel  and a very welcoming vibe when you pass by.


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  1. This works with California's mild weather. I don't think you can go national with it though.