Sunday, May 22, 2016

Yikes, the Median Consumer Price Index Rose 3.4% in April

The Median CPI (core CPI alternative) rose 3.4% at an annual rate in April, the highest since 2008.

Under these conditions, the idea that the Fed is going to reverse the December Fed Funds rate hike and go negative with rates is absurd.



  1. ouch.....the fed may have to bump rates in an election year.

  2. CPI and unemployment targets may be met, but what if the stock market, with all its discomforting technicals, hits an air pocket? Would the Fed really hike with the major indices and other macro data worsening?

    Who knows what happens in June? Williams himself just said he doesn't. (The Fed's Williams, not your kindly correspondent.)

    1. My point is not that the Fed will or will not hike rates in June but that the Austrian-lite perspective that the economy wouldn't be able to survive two months without reversing the December Fed rate hike was absurd.

    2. Understood. Thank you, Robert.