Thursday, June 9, 2016

Clinton Will Deliver Major Speech Blasting Trump on the Economy

Hillary Clinton will soon deliver a major speech attacking Donald Trump over economic issues, she told WSJ.

“While he may have some catchy soundbites, his statements on the economy are dangerously incoherent,” she said in a WSJ interview. "They are deeply misguided, and they reflect an individual who is temperamentally unfit to manage the American economy."

WSJ says the speech will likely take place this month.

There is a lot to attack Trump on with regard to his economic policies, but  Hillary has never been a fountain of correct economic advocacy.



  1. "manage the American economy"
    Is that what presidents do? (small "p" intentional)

  2. Also, it's interesting what Trump has done here. Presidential candidates have to lie to get elected. They all know that. But it's a matter of degree. "You have to be careful to not go too far. You have to placate the masses but not frighten the elite". But Trump has moved the bar so far that it may force Clinton to actually "tell the truth" which the elite will love but will scare off the masses.

    I still don't vote but this is the most interesting presidential election in my lifetime.