Thursday, June 9, 2016

Paging Tom DiLorenzo: ‘Hamilton’ Raises Ticket Prices to Record Breaking Levels

The producers of “Hamilton” are sharply increasing the cost of the best seats in the house, shattering Broadway’s top ticket price, reports NYT.

The best seats will now cost $849 a piece.

The show is sold out through next January, but the producers have already begun selling tickets for the following four months to some American Express cardholders.

An $849 theater ticket is a record for the price being charged directly by a Broadway show.

According to NYT,  in the new block of tickets, about 200 seats at every “Hamilton” performance — mostly in the center orchestra — will be sold for $849. The rest of the house — everything but the lottery tickets, or about 1,075 seats per show — will be sold for between $179 and $199 (currently, the regular seats are priced from $139 to $177).

Tom really needs to write an "Anti-Hamilton" play.



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  2. But the unfortunate person can't afford $850/ticket? They need ticket control to set the prices for those making minimum wage. This is outrageous. We need more equality in ticket prices. Also women should only have to pay $670.71 for the wage gap differential.