Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Federal Reserve Held "Poverty Simulation" (At a Luxury Hotel)

By  Karen De Coster

Wanna go to Poverty-Refugee-Homeless camp? Here’s a new article on Forbes on Misery Tourism: a new cottage industry for the achievement-hating, misery-embracing, guilt-fabricating, wealth-redistributing, lefty do-gooders whose job it is to keep alive the mentality that all achievers, doers, and producers must be dragged down to the level of the lowest and poorest common denominator in order for them to be thought of, even momentarily, as humans.
Misery Camp is where people with too much time on their hands give way to left-wing peer pressure and sink themselves into a status of phony misery, poverty, homelessness, and refugee-ism, in order to learn the finer points of such marketable skills as hunger deprivation, sleep deprivation, solitary lockup, experiencing discomfort, and oh, being stripped of your dignity and identity. Just think of how you can “grow” your social justice warrior “skill set” and learn the finer points of victimology while posting Facebook pictures of your misery mock-up from your iPhone while you plunge into refugee status at day camp for the cost of only a couple of hundred dollars.
The refugee simulation takes place on a 400-acre farm in which participants are disoriented, are harassed and chased by groups, face challenges of finding food and shelter, and then are forced to fill out asylum forms in a language they don’t understand.Late last year, two non-profits, Giving What We Can, and Empathy Action, faced a sharp backlash when they planned to host a poverty simulation at Clare College, which is part of the elite University of Cambridge in the U.K. The organizers said they would turn “Clare College cellars into a run-down, oppressive slum” and create an event that was characterized as being “fun and insightful,” and participants were invited to stay “afterwards for a drink in the bar.”
…Sometimes the locations where simulations are held can create an ironic image. Last year the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland held a policy summit that included a poverty simulation — at the Omni William Penn Hotel, a luxury property in Pittsburgh. The Bank of America Black Executive Leadership Council has a poverty simulation scheduled for June 29, 2016 at the upscale Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte, North Carolina.
So even the Federal Reserve had a poverty simulation during a policy summit on housing, human capital, and inequality. They probably all arrived in limos and ended with a martini toast, then went to the office and expensed it all so the taxpayer could share in the ‘virtual’ misery.
The Indoctrinators who push these things are hopeful that intelligent and ambitious individuals who do wonders for humanity via their entrepreneurial and productive abilities will take on these magical misery trips and be so moved by it all that they will perhaps “leave their jobs and go into micro finance and the relief sector.” The Forbes title (“Misery Tourists: How the Wealthy Learn What It’s Like to be Poor”) is misleading, as this is not just an occasion for bored, guilty people of wealth. Shared – even if phony – misery is a useful tool for molding approval for the government redistribution-central planning sector at the expense of a free market that builds and maintains wealth through accomplishment. In fact, these misery camps are becoming a requirement of organizations, colleges, and schools as these institutions continue to condition and indoctrinate human capital for the purpose of building future support for bigger and more invasive government.
The above originally appeared at LewRockwell.com.


  1. Now there's a Marie-Antoinette-peasant-girl industry? Epic! But what will be the 21st century's guillotine?

  2. This would be outrageous if anything still had the capacity to shock.