Friday, June 24, 2016

Goldman Sachs to Drop On-Campus Interviews

Goldman Sachs is abandoning the time-honoured practice of on-campus interviews for undergraduates at elite schools and will now ask students to use pre-recorded interviews to pitch for a job at the bank, reports FT.

“The number one priority is how do we find more terrific people that are potential candidates for the firm,” said Edith Cooper, global head of human capital management at the bank. “Leveraging technology will help you get to more places.”

Under the new approach, candidates from any school will instead use a pre-recorded interview program called HireVue, which JPMorgan uses in its retail bank. The bank will then invite second-round candidates to a ‘structured interview’ where questions will be more prescriptive to allow for candidates responses to be more easily benchmarked against each other.

According to FT, Goldman attracts more than 250,000 applications from students.

Goldman is also piloting a personality questionnaire that would “evaluate several different personality characteristics and experiences” that the bank believes are “predictive of long-term success”, Horwitz said.

Hmm, I wonder how you test for the ability of a candidate to develop into a major league crony operator.


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  1. This will also reduce exposure to planned disruption by the occupy crowd.