Monday, June 27, 2016

INTERESTING Clinton Appointees Opposed Early Sanders-Backed $15 Minimum Wage Amendment in Democratic Platform

What will libertarian Donald Trump fanboys say about this?

The representatives appointed by Hillary Clinton to the Democratic Party’s platform drafting committee voted against a $15 minimum wage amendment on Friday, reports Salon.

The five representatives, who were appointed by Bernie Sanders, supported the amendment.

The proposal was defeated eight-to-six. The only person on the committee aside from Sanders’ surrogates who supported the amendment was California Rep. Barbara Lee.

A watered down version was passed on Saturday.

Salon added:
On numerous proposed amendments in the hearing, Clinton’s appointees voted together in opposition to Sanders’ appointees, in what looked like a kind of proxy political battle.
They rejected amendments putting a national freeze on fracking, imposing a carbon tax, and promoting a single-payer healthcare system.

From an economic perspective, Hillary appears to be pretty much a mainstream establishment crony. She is not good, but she appears to hold no desire to rock the boat say, for example, with Donald Trump suggested trade wars.


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