Monday, June 27, 2016

Why a Second Brexit Referendum or Sabotage by Parliament Are Not Going to Happen

There is a petition out signed by more than two million Brits calling for a second vote on Brexit and there is also speculation that Scotland will block Brexit.

None of this will happen says FT columnist Wolfgang Munchau:
 Forget the petition for a second referendum. It is not going to happen. We would also caution against any attempt to sabotage the result by other means – like a refusal by the parliament to ratify. Any political party that ran election campaign on that premise would risk total annihilation. The will of the voters will be respected. Even the LibDems say this, and they have no eurosceptics among them.

The path is muddied by the coming political upheavals in domestic British politics. Both the Conservative and Labour parties will now go through an unprecedented process of convulsion. After Cameron's resignation there is now an attempt to stop Johnson becoming prime minister. And the parliamentary Labour party is in open revolt against Jeremy Corbyn. That revolt may not succeed because Corbyn could stand again and get re-elected. But anything is possible. Our working assumption is that the Tories will replace Cameron with a candidate who supported the Leave campaign. We don’t think it is necessariy going to be Johnson. The Tories will win, or there may be a coalition with the LibDems, who knows? But Art 50 [causing Brexit] will then have to be triggered.

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