Tuesday, July 5, 2016

An Idea For @RealDonaldTrump On How To "Make American Golfing Great Again"

Greg "Buy My Textbooks" Mankiw is a total Keynesian-lite establishment insider. He plays the game.

But I just can't resist featuring a good smashing of bad economic thinking wherever the smashing comes from and he does a good job of smashing Trump here:
Some Questions for Mr Trump
I see you recently opened up a golf course in Scotland. I presume that part of your business plan is for some Americans to take vacations to play there. But this raises some thorny questions.
You complain constantly about American firms moving jobs overseas. But couldn't you have opened up your golf course here in the United States?  Wouldn't that have created jobs for American caddies and groundskeepers?  Should we be concerned when Americans import golfing services from your foreign course? Would you as President slap a tariff on American tourists traveling to your course, as you have proposed for goods coming from China?  Do you think such a tax would Make American Golfing Great Again?
Protectionist trade policy is always bad.


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