Friday, July 1, 2016

Cambridge Academic Protested Against Brexit By Showing Up Naked at Faculty Meeting

Victoria Bateman
A Cambridge academic walked in naked at a meeting at the Faculty of Economics in protest against the results of the EU referendum, Telegraph reports.

Victoria Bateman had written on her breasts and stomach ‘Brexit leaves Britain naked.'

According to the Telegraph, she arrived at the faculty meeting Wednesday where various college directors and  around 30 economists discussed teaching material and courses.

Bateman, a lecturer has researched the development of the European economy, sat at the two-hour meeting without anyone mentioning her nudity they just went on with a normal meeting.

Nigel Knight, director of studies at Churchill College and the chair of the meeting, glanced at her and then said to his secretary: “I think we need some cups for the coffee” and everyone else just stared straight ahead, according to the Telegraph.

It is not clear what Bateman expected Cambridge to do, if anything, about Brexit.

Of course, it is more likely that the EU rather than the British parliament would demand the shirts off the backs of workers.

It is unclear if any government has ever demanded the undergarments of workers,



  1. If Brexit means nudity, we've got to get us some Brexit in the US!

  2. Revealing to say the least . . . of the contempt she has for her everything decent. And the faculty just sits there! Her colleagues--what, the new Eloi?

  3. How intellectual of her. $3 says she lost a bet.

    The article failed to mention the writing across her buttocks that read: "Keynesianism leaves Britain f*cked"

    We all knew that econometric models are flawed, but now we know they're ugly too.

    Seriously though, if a male professor had done this, he would have been terminated and arrested.