Friday, July 1, 2016

HOT Swedish Gold and Silver Dealer’s Bank Account Closed Without Notice

Swedish precious metals dealer Tavex Guld & Valuta notified its customers today that it could no longer accept payments through its SEB bank account because it had been closed without notice or reason given. As a result, Tavex cannot process payments via their  Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) account but has arranged to have client payments made through an Estonian account that they have set up to receive Swedish Krona payment without an exchange fee.

Banksters hate gold and will use any excuse to harras gold buyers and sellers. Further, Sweden is at the forefront of the movement to eliminate physical currency.

Tavex writes in a note to customers:
The banking system in Sweden in pushing forcefully towards the direction of a cashless society and Tavex, as one of the largest wholesale suppliers of physical notes and investment metals is, in our view, being targeted by the merchant banks. 

Let this be a wake-up call. The best place for your gold and silver is under your mattress.


(ht Smaulgld)

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  1. Sweden better worry about repelling the Refujihadi Invasion and less about esoteric BS economics. The Swedish People should HANG the Politicians and Priests who are allowing raping pillaging Invaders to sweep aside their CULTURE.