Monday, July 4, 2016

SHOCK Nigel Farage Exits as Leader of Britain's Right-Wing UKIP in Wake Brexit

Nigel Farage has resigned as leader of his U.K. Independence Party this morning, saying he had “done his bit” as one of the chief campaigners for the country to leave the European Union.

“I have never wanted to be a career politician. That is why I now feel that I've done my bit,” Farage said in a televised press conference on Monday.

Prior to Farage's resignation, former London mayor and pro-Brexit campaigner, Boris Johnson, announced last week that he would not be running for leader of the Conservative Party. He was the favorite to become Prime Minister.

Has the Establishment finally decided to use whatever dirt they have on these two men?

Notes WaPo:
Despite having won the campaign to extricate the U.K. from E.U. institutions, the leaders of the movement — popularly known as Brexit — all appear to be fading into the background of British politics.


  1. Nonsense.... Nigel has always said he wanted out of politics, once he gets Britain out of the EU. Watch this video, completely.

  2. Don't understand the fuss about Farage's stepping down.

    Surely it is the natural and right thing to do? He was instrumental in not only forcing a referendum, but also securing a win in said referendum. It is up to the British Government now to bring it to a close, Farage can do no more. If the Tories screw this up, then it is on their heads, not his.

    The next challenge for UKIP is to win seats in the British Parliament, and a monumental task that is. Alternatively it has to merge with one or part of one of the established parties. Either way, that is an entirely different ball game, and it is only natural that someone else leads UKIP in that effort.

    Farage will still be around, he's still an MEP. He can't, shouldn't and doesn't have to do everything.