Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tom Woods at His Best: Down with "Leadership"

Tom Woods delivered the opening lecture of Mises University 2016.

Find the time to listen to this. There are geat arguments, history and explanations throughout.



  1. This is sort of Ancap's fatal flaw. They don't want to be leaders. You end up with tyrants, not a vacancy.

  2. Ancaps that I know have no problem with leaders or people stepping up in leadership roles. Lew Rockwell is the "leader" of the Mises Institute, Ron Paul is the leader of the RPI. Churches have leaders.
    What we Ancaps are against is someone claiming leadership (aka ownership) over us in an involuntary system. We own our bodies, we should be the only ones who have a say in that property.
    And I definitely don't see not wanting to rule over another person as a flaw.