Saturday, July 2, 2016

Who Were the Fascists?

With some comparing Donald Trump to the fascists and the intolerance for intellectual discussion of many on the left resembling early fascist activity, it is high time that fascism is examined under the microscope.

Paul Gottfried has done so in an important new book reviewed by David Gordon here.



  1. Great post, Wenzel! Gordon is a master reviewer. It's important to shine the light on the murderous failures of Venezuela and all other socialist regimes. Equally important to show the origins of fascism as an abysmal reply to communism and socialism. As Mises puts it, "There is, however, only one idea that can be effectively opposed to socialism, viz., that of liberalism.”

    1. And too bad that the liberals, under the sway of scientism, abandoned liberalism.

  2. To further M. Walgenach's point, socialism just helps grow fascists movements as fascists promise to fight back against the socialists with any means necessary. This is what the fight between the left wing socialist social justice warriors and the right wing socialist alt-right is in my view. Fascism is basically a type of socialism with just different marketing though.

  3. We need Fascism temporarily to cleanse the leftist scum, then we can liberalize. It worked well for Chile.