Monday, August 15, 2016

Inside George Soros Plotting to Control the World Bank

An impressive 2,576 files of internal documents belonging to the Open Society Foundations was dumped on the internet by DCLeaks on Saturday. OSF was founded by billionaire lefty activist George Soros. The documents offer a deep look into the inner workings of Soros operations.

A quick perusal of some of the documents shows the massive reach of Soros organizations and the various methods used to influence key global organizations, such as the World Bank.

The many directions by which OSF attempts to influence the World Bank, at every level, is simply stunning.

Here is a sampling from the leaked material

A snippet from one OSF document:
Meetings with Jim Kim 
We are currently scheduling a meeting for Chris Stone [president of OSF] and Jim Kim [president of World Bank] (perhaps on July 17 th ).
In addition,Kim will participate in an All Staff meeting of OSF on July 31 st to discuss his vision of the Bank....
Efforts to map OSF engagement with the Bank are ongoing. We have updated the original survey and experimenting with data visualization software to communicate the results to the network.
Snippets from another document:

OSF’s education programs held a call last month to identify countries where we may discuss cooperation with the [World] Bank. Among them are Bulgaria, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Congo and Liberia. We are in the process of connecting our colleagues with Bank counterparts in Washington and the field....

The new shared framework on food security offers possibilities to engage with the Bank...

 We are about to introduce OSF colleagues to Bank staff who work on urban planning and land tenure issues...

Big Ideas

We have yet to identify a “big idea” on which OSF and the Bank might work intensively together.

Burma was one early target, but there appears to be too much distance between the agendas of the two institutions. Several countries in Africa might also be of interest.

From yet a third document:
Strengthening Coordination with Global CSO [Civil Society Organizations] Community
to Advocate for Stronger World Bank Social and Environmental Standards
Proposal for the Open Society Foundations
By the Bank Information Center [OSF funded group]

Coordinated advocacy amongst key decision-makers, which include World Bank senior
management (responsible for drafting the policy language), the World Bank Board of
Executive Directors (responsible for approving the policy language recommended by
management), and the U.S. government (which has considerable influence on policy reform at the World Bank as its largest shareholder).
 For the past year, BIC has been regularly convening a group of 15-20 CSOs from around the globe to collectively strategize and advocate for stronger environmental and social safeguards at the World Bank. In December 2012, BIC helped orchestrate a collective civil society submission to the World Bank, with recommendations on how the Bank can strengthen its environmental and social safeguards. The submission was endorsed by 183 organizations from over 50 countries. In April 2013, BIC contributed to and took the lead on several submissions from civil society to the first phase of the World Bank’s afeguards review, including an extensive model policy on environmental and social assessment that was drafted in consultation with key CSO partners.

Reach out to key CSO allies to coordinate strategy and provide guidance on what
efforts each party can contribute to and when they can timely send advocacy messages
to decision makers at the World Bank and U.S. government. We are hoping to better
coordinate our work with several key constituent CSOs, which may include: Asian
Indigenous Peoples’ Pact, Bretton Woods Project, CIVICUS, Center for International
Environmental Law, Eurodad, Friends of the Earth, Forest Peoples Programme, Global
Unions, Greenpeace, Habitat International Coalition, Human Rights Watch, Inclusive
Development International, Indian Law Resource Center, International Accountability
Project, International Federation of Human Rights, International Rivers, International
Trade Union Confederation, Land Rights Network, Oxfam, Publish What You Pay, Save
the Children, Sierra Club, Urgewald, World Resources Institute, and World Wildlife Fund.

Organize joint strategy workshops in Asia, Latin America, and/or Europe to prepare
CSO partners for official World Bank consultations, plan joint submissions, and arrange
advocacy trips to Washington DC to engage decision-makers.

 Provide travel support for southern CSOs or experts to meet with senior World Bank
management, Board of Directors or key government officials to advocate the CSO
community’s policy recommendations.

BIC is well-placed to facilitate a global campaign to reform the World Bank’s social and
environmental standards. It has had several campaign successes for the past 25 years, including three recent successful ones on promoting transparency, indigenous people’s rights, and international forest carbon financing standards.  BIC is highly valued by its CSO partners for its:
(i) long-standing access to high-level World Bank management and Board of Directors, and to the U.S. Treasury and Congress; 
(ii) institutional knowledge of World Bank policies, practices, and politics
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