Thursday, August 4, 2016

Obama: Why We Paid Iran $400 Million in Cash

Obama just said at a press conference that the US government paid Iran in cash because the government has been so strict with sanctions they did not have a banking relationship with Iran.

This explanation is absurd. The U.S. government couldn't find a bank to handle a $400 million U.S.  government approved and cleared transaction?

Was a suspicious transaction form filled out? I would think $400 million would qualify under government thinking.



  1. This only explains, maybe, why it wasn't paid by some other means rather then in cash. Why are they paying Iran a penny to begin with?

  2. It's absurd and it is obvious BS. Obama is a BS artist in his own right except more incompetent at it than El Trumpo or Hill-Rod.

  3. Cash because it is anonymous and difficult to impossible to trace. The very same reasons they don't want us using it.

  4. Imagine if 15 years ago we had just given Saddam Hussein $400 million in cash and called it a day. What a steal that would have been. Deal of the century.

  5. What's wrong with paying a ransom, anyway? I pay my own every April 15.

  6. I believe the money was stolen from Iran in the first place, asset freeze from sanctions.
    The deal of the century is if I could get the government to pay me back all the money they have stolen from me. Heck I'll take it in cash, gold or silver, to make it easy.