Thursday, August 11, 2016

There’s Now an App to Help Businesses Fight a Higher Minimum Wage

Employment Policies Institute in conjunction with the app-creation company Red Foundry, have developed the “Wage Engage” app.

The Wage Engage app “is all part of a new strategy to try to normalize and confront the public and legislators with the consequences of their new actions,” said Michael Saltsman, the Employment Policies Institute’s research director.

For now, that strategy is to use the app to send small-business owners text messages about new, revived and advancing proposals in their areas.  But in the coming months, the institute will run a progression of print, digital and television ads featuring business owners who’ve felt a blow from wage increases in places such as California and New York—two states that earlier this year approved eventual $15 minimum pay levels.

The app currently includes active coverage relating to minimum-wage bills in five states, including $15 proposals in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, an $11 proposal in Illinois, and a $10.10 proposal in Ohio.


(via WSJ)

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  1. I'm sure Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren looks over with disapproval.