Monday, September 19, 2016

64 Kmart Stores Are Closing Mid-December

Please note: This is not what a recession looks like. This is a change in the structure of the economy where consumers have better alternatives than retailers like K-mart, see, for example, Amazon and Ebay.


  1. Recession or not, you could pay for your purchase with paper money in one of those 64 K-Marts. Try that with Amazon or e-bay. Sorry if I'm not cheering this "structural" change in the economy. Somewhere, Ken Rogoff is smiling...

  2. A couple of blocks away from me an old derelict Kmart shell which had sat empty for 5 years has been knocked down and is going to be replaced by a Mariano's Supermarket, owned by the Roundy's corporation which is more of supermarket than Whole Foods but does the Fancy deli service. 3 of those new supermarkets have opened in the last 5 years in the Western Suburbs of Chicago and another 5 or 6 other outfits of different brands have sprung up too. one (Westchester) has a bar
    Needless to say the rubbishy old local Jewel has had a bit of a refit recently