Tuesday, September 20, 2016

British Prime Minister Visits With Crony Wall Street to Discuss Brexit

Paging Nigel Farage.

British Prime Minister Theresa May met with leading Wall Street banks on Monday over how Britain should structure its departure from the EU to reassure them that Brexit will not damage their UK business, reports The Financial Times.

In New York City, the prime minister held two gatherings: a roundtable discussion that included officials from  Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, BlackRock, IBM, and Amazon. Then she hosted a reception for about 60 US executives, as well as British businesses that invest in the US.

 The foreign secretary, Boris Johnson,  accompanied her.

May said she has discussed "how we can encourage trade and investment” between the UK and the US, including “talking to them and hearing from them about what the issues are that they want us to address” in the Brexit negotiations.

The events would “give them the chance to talk about their concerns,” her spokeswoman said earlier.

Please note, when May says she wanted to understand how to "encourage trade and investment," she meant crony trade and investment.

May is in the city for the  71st session of the United Nations General Assembly.


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