Friday, September 9, 2016

Trump Unveils a $20 Billion School Block Grant Proposal

Donald Trump is a serious central planner.

He unveiled a government funded school choice plan on Thursday that would create a $20 billion block grant to expand charter and private school options for low-income children, reports Politico.

Trump made his remarks at the Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy, a small school located in a predominantly African-American neighborhood of the city.

Lew Rockwell correctly observes about the plan:
A neocon, something-for-nothing welfare program that would put private schools directly under federal control.
How bad is it? Even the beltarian Cato Institute voiced reservations:
The federal government has no constitutional authority to meddle in education, and as it has proven over the last several decades — including by coercing states to adopt the Common Core — once it starts paying for education it starts controlling it, telling everyone what to do and how to do it.
Donald Trump should in no way be considered anti-big government. His emphasis on what government programs should be funded is different than Hillay Clinton's but his view that government needs to play a major role in society is perhaps even greater than Hillary's and that is saying an awful lot.


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  1. He's just another rich guy spending other people's money. Trying to, anyway. He can't do diddly without the House's approval. And wee all know that Paul Ryan will stand firm against... oh wait.