Friday, September 16, 2016

WOW Serious Social Justice Warriors Are Out to Take Down Lightweight Social Justice Warrior Ivanka Trump

 Christina Cauterucci writes at Slate:
Ivanka Trump is turning into her father. The usually composed and genteel businesswoman gave a very Donald Trumpian interview to Cosmopolitan on Wednesday, in which she denied that Donald has said the things he’s said, stumbled over basic questions about his new maternity leave proposal, and scolded the reporter for doing her job. Then, when the interview turned out to be more pointed than a sweet conversation between gal friends, Ivanka bounced...

Ivanka’s cool exterior is starting to melt as reporters have begun to point out her various hypocrisies. She says she champions paid maternity leave, but the company that makes her clothes doesn’t give its employees any. She carries on about supporting women in business, but she doesn’t pay the aspiring businesswomen who intern for her. She lied when she said the Trump hotels give their employees paid maternity leave (they offer 12 weeks unpaid leave, the minimum required by federal law) and basically read Clinton’s platform aloud to pass it off as her father’s at the Republican National Convention. It’s time to recognize Ivanka’s gender-equity shtick for what it is: Donald Trump’s self-entitled sleaze in a slightly more woman-friendly package.
It's good their candidate, Hillary Clinton, is free of hypocrisy on women;s issues.


See my earlier post on this,  Ivanka Trump is a Social Justice Warrior Lightweight.


  1. Ivanka should really stay out of this.

  2. Simple answer is: No. Gay men don't give birth.

  3. I hope Trump wins solely for the hot women that will constantly be around him. I'm tired of looking at haggard, humanity hating wildebeest like pretty much every Dem female pol.

  4. Why is everyone going on about maternity leave? Most states have maternity leave paid under the state disability program. If you are going to need it, move to the state with the program that you want. This idea that we need more federal regulations is just beyond belief.