Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Another Indication That Lael Brainard May Head the Fed in a Clinton Administration

The Washington Post reports:
If you haven’t heard of Lael Brainard, that may soon change.

President Obama’s former top financial diplomat is getting a lot of buzz as a potential choice for Treasury secretary if Hillary Clinton wins in November. (After all, she’s already a campaign donor.) Brainard would be the first woman to lead the department. And having spent her career conspicuously away from Wall Street, she might actually pass muster with progressive Democrats bent on avoiding another banker in the post.

People close to Brainard note that she and husband Kurt Campbell, a prominent diplomat with his own shot at joining a Clinton administration, have school-aged children, which could prompt her to remain in her current seat on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. No doubt the schedule is better in her current role.

On the Fed, Brainard is considered the ultra-dove. As far as she is concerned, money printing machines should have only one button, to accelerate money supply growth,

She is not the type that a sound money person would want to see anywhere near a position of financial and economic power in Washington D.C.


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