Monday, October 10, 2016

Did Hillary Clinton Use Energy Policy as a Weapon to Threaten Putin With Destabilization?

In the latest Wikileaks documents which contain excerpts from Hillary Clinton private speeches, she said this to the Silicon Valley-based Marketo Inc. in April 2014 (m emphasis):
 Secondly, the effort to undermine the market in oil and gas and commodities goes right at the source of Russia's wealth. When I was Secretary I cannot say I saw this coming, but what I saw was that in 2006 in January he cut off gas to Eastern Europe. I think like a dozen people froze to death in Poland. He did it again in 2009, primarily focused on Ukraine. He has used his energy weapon to intimidate Europe. And starting in 2009 I began having conversations with the Europeans that they had to do more to be more independent and to push for a more competitive marketplace for energy. I formed something called the U.S.-EU Energy Council and began trying to look at what more we could do to really wean people away from Russian supplies. The more we can do that the more difficult it will be for Putin to maintain his hold on leadership, even with his inner circle without changing course.

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  1. The irony is, their is most certainly context in which putin cut off gas supplies. It is so simple minded that the question of WHY would he do this is never even considered. Like so many propaganda MSM pieces bad actors are just bad people, never reacting to provocation...oh no.