Monday, October 10, 2016

HEROIC Senior Clinton Operative Advised Against $15.00 Minimum Wage

The latest released Wikileaks emails of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta show Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden advising against support for a $15 minimum wage.

In late April 2015, New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio sent an email to Podesta, campaign manager Robby Mook, and longtime Clinton aide and CAP chief Tanden offering them a preview of an email he would later send out describing the progressive agenda he planned to promote.

“Following up on my conversations with each of you last week, I want to keep you updated on the next steps in our efforts to organize progressives nationally to take on income inequality. Below is an email going out today for an event coming up in 2 weeks. I believe you will agree with much of this content. Please let me know if you want to discuss. Thanks – Bill,” he wrote.

“Should we care about this?” asked Podesta. The policy agenda DeBlasio laid out in the email included a $15 federal minimum wage.

Tanden shrugged it off.

“Substantively, we have not supported $15 — you will get a fair number of liberal economists who will say it will lose jobs,” she wrote back.

Heroic, they know the truth about the job destruction of minimum wages and at least one member of Clinton's team is willing to stand against it.

(via The Intercept)


  1. ─ "Substantively, we have not supported $15 — you will get a fair number of liberal economists who will say it will lose jobs," she wrote back. ─

    This is an interesting admission since I have it from reputable sources that it is not true that minimum wage hikes cause unemployment, as employers are always happy to give more money to employees because then they become more productive, but government has to step in to raise the minimum wage because employers are too miserly and greedy. The reputable sources are from the Center for American Progress, Demos and other Marxian groups who care little for intellectual honesty and logical consistency.

  2. You call this "Heroic"?! Hey, Wenzel I guess in your eyes if you meet someone who can count to 10 without using their fingers, you call him/her a "genius". Great Analysis....give us another one!

    Put left shoe on left food" "There is also 26 letters in the alphabet" -R. Wenzel