Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton-Supporting Columnist: "Today in America We Have Economically Disappeared---Obama Never Talks About Them"

The latest from the Wikileaks Podesta email dump:

In an email to John Podesta, chairman of the Clinton presidential campaign, The Hill columnist, Brent Budowsky sent an outline for how Hillary Clinton should frame economic issues and described the dire straights of the "economically disappeared.":
I would suggest HRC dramatize a call for a new jobs plan, esp. infrastructure, and key point give major focus to the theme Do Not Leave Anyone Behind. Major media misses the point of why so many Americans say they are unhappy with the economy and right track, wrong track. Economy is not nearly as strong for a large number of Americans as the topline economic data would suggest. Key data in today's jobless numbers are the historically low labor participation rate and flat wages (when the daily cost of living is higher than top line inflation data suggest).
He concluded by comparing the situation to the disappeared of Argentina:
Remember in Argentina and other Latin nations in the 1980's we had the "disappeared" who dictatorships imprisoned and they just disappeared.  Today in America we have economically disappeared, they don't score in jobs numbers or jobless claims numbers, they are a lost generation within the larger generation, Obama never talks about them because he wants to claim credit for the economy....For this large swath of Americans we are still in recession and HRC should be their champion.

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  1. Mr. Budowsky is touching on some core Austrian-lite themes here. His solutions, more gov't interventions in the economy, clearly distinguish his overall thinking, though.