Monday, October 17, 2016

Is Ken Rogoff Criminally Insane?

I wonder what Doug Casey really thinks of Ken Rogoff, author of The Curse of Cash. ?

Casey writes:
[T]here’s another article, even more egregious, more stupid, and more destructive, that the Journal recently ran, by Kenneth Rogoff, called “The Sinister Side of Cash.” He is, of course, a Harvard “economist.” You’ll have to get hold of it yourself, because of the newspaper’s reprint policy. But I urge you to do so. It lays out—in clear and well-written English—the “elite” rationale for negative interest rates, and the abolition of cash.

It literally beggars belief and makes me think the author is criminally insane. I mean that literally, in the clinical sense. Criminal because he actively advocates aggression against other’s property, and in effect, their lives. And insane because his thoughts and beliefs are completely delusional and divorced from reality.
I haven't attempted to psycho-analyze Rogoff myself, but in a review of his book I did write:
This is a scary book in that it informs on the thinking and plotting that is going on. It is thorough, though, in recounting the theories of every lunatic that has ever advocated negative interest rates or the banning of cash.

If you need an encyclopedic summary of this lunacy, this is the book. If you are interested in learning the high-level changes in technology and cash that are in our future, this is the book.

Keep in mind, nothing will stop them, not even nuclear attack.


  1. Even John Law and his epic inflation was stopped as trust in paper currency was destroyed and the French economy returned to gold and silver coinage. A wrenching time period but inflation was stopped for a time. Unfortunately the idea of inflation and counterfeiting is a persistent human dream.

  2. Something can stop them, us. It just has to be enough of us to say no and back it up with action (hopefully peaceful).

    I have spoken to the Senior Teller at the US Bank I use about the "war on cash". When I told her about the planning to get rid cash she laughed. Basically she told me that there is such a large percentage of their customers that transact in cash that there would be enough people that squeak their wheels to put the kibosh on it.

    Of course the powers that shouldn't be are playing the long game. And for a few reasons each generation will become more compliant to such changes. So it may be just a matter of time. These generational changes may be exponential so that time may be short.

    Our first line of defense is education. That is not promising because the Government schools and the Government minions, the MSM, have had a monopoly on distribution of information and how to think, that is sans critical thinking.

    The internet has started to turn that around. Control of the internet, which now is control of information, will be very important. The recent pass of the control over website naming from the US to the UN could be a big blow to freedom.