Monday, October 17, 2016

"Goldman, b/c of their relationship with us"

An interesting email sent to Huma (via Wikileaks Podesta dump):


  1. And below market rates with some free rent thrown in!

    "According to CBRE, the market value for space here has increased to the $33-34 a square foot but they are hopeful we could sign a deal (if we decide to go this route) at around $30-31 and with similar numbers on the build out for 18 and possibly additional free rent which would be good for CGI's needs."

  2. Robert, do you think these Podesta emails strengthen your case that Clinton will be a less effective president than Trump? It seems that against any other candidate she would be collapsing in the polls.

  3. Everyone has flaws. Some flaws can be deadly to a long-term happy relationship while other flaws are rather innocuous. John H