Tuesday, October 18, 2016

"The Sons of Saul Alinsky" Getting Paid $3.00 an Hour to Protest Low Pay

By Thomas DiLorenzo

“We hire mentally ill homeless people to do sh _ _” at Trump rallies, says the director of the Clinton campaign’s criminal dirty trick organization that was recently “punked” by Project Veritas.  This “sh _ _” involves acts of violence and vandalism, among other things.

These mentally ill homeless people should be thought of as the “sons” of Saul Alinsky — Hitlery and Obama’s ideological mentor and inspiration.

(I witnessed this old Democratic Party gambit several year ago during a “protest” in downtown Baltimore.  There was a group of men shouting “Low Pay, No Way!” over and over and over again all during the lunch hour in front of a business.  I walked toward them braving the nauseating stench of months-old homeless person body odor combined with alcoholic breath and urine-stained clothes to hear what they were saying.  A Baltimore Sun reporter later revealed that these were mostly mentally-ill homeless people paid $3/hour, far below the minimum wage, by the carpenters’ union (an integral part of the state Democratic Party) to “protest.”  The reporter explained that there were no actual carpenters protesting “low pay” in front of a business that had employed some non-union carpenters because they make too much money and didn’t want to take an hour or two off work to protest their “low” pay).

(The above originally appeared at LewRockwell.com)

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