Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Why The Hell Is Socialism Gaining So Much Popularity?


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    1. Re: The Peak Oil Poet,

      --- Duh. Because of people like you. ---

      Are you saying that people become socialists or like socialism out of purely visceral reation and not reason?

      I knew it!

  2. Because when you say "socialism", the average Millennial thinks "Denmark", when what the "elite" have planned for us is "Venezuela".

  3. The video discusses economic ignorance, but not why it's gaining popularity.

  4. Because government has the schools.

    So long as government has the schools it will condition children to love the state and look to the state for all answers. It encourages a parental view of social and economic order. Socialism is an expression of that and hence its popularity.

    So people think of Venezuela as a case of a bad parent. The 'just the right people' theory that statists fall into. It will work if they just have the right people running things.