Sunday, November 20, 2016

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel Announces She Will Seek a Fourth Term

"I pondered a lot about it," Merkel told reporters at a news conference in Berlin. "The decision for a fourth term after 11 years is anything ... (but) trivial, not for the country and not for the party, and I say it consciously also for me personally."

Merkel, 62, said she expects the fall 2017 campaign to be her toughest to date.
"The coming election will be difficult," Merkel said. "We will probably be criticized from everywhere, from the right-wing parties and also because of the polarization of our society, also from the left party."

This could be the last stand for crony elitists.

If she loses, it could be over for them and the EU.

Replaced, unfortunately by severe authoritarian interventionists, who have no appreciation for free markets or free men.

German law requires that the next election should take place on a Sunday between 46-48 months after the assembly's first sitting. Since the current Bundestag first sat on 22 October 2013, the latest date for the next election is 22 October 2017 (a Sunday). The earliest date is 27 August 2017.  By convention, recent elections have been held in late September,


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