Sunday, November 20, 2016

Rap This Broadway: Hamilton was the Founding Father of Corrupt Crony Capitalism

Thomas DiLorenzo writes:

Gary North is right to point out that Vice President-Elect Mike Pence “got what he deserved” when he was booed at and jeered by the ill-mannered and ignorant crowd of New York leftists at the Broadway performance of the musical “Hamilton” recently.  At the end of the show he was also given a lecture on leftism and “diversity” by one of the idiotic cast members.  (They praise “diversity” despite the fact that the online casting call for the musical reportedly declared that No Whites Need Apply).
Governor Pence “got what he deserved,” says Gary North, for paying $1700 for his wife and himself to attend the silly performance of “rappers” spouting nonsense and lies about Alexander Hamilton in front of a bunch of angry and ill-mannered New York leftists...
But Governor Pence’s bigger mistake was to somehow believe that Alexander Hamilton is someone that he should admire.  This is hugely ironic, since Hamilton was the founding father of corrupt crony capitalism funded by a crooked central bank, exclusively for the benefit of the one-percenters of his day....Hamilton was the consummate statist and imperialist and political water boy for the big business interests of New York, Philadelphia, and Boston (the Federalists) who wanted to essentially establish the rotten, corrupt, imperialist, British mercantilist system in America. The very system the American Revolution had just deposed, in other words.  Hamilton was a traitor to the principles of the Revolution who spent the last fifteen years of his life attempting to transform the American government into a government for crony capitalists, by crony capitalists, of crony capitalists, all centrally planned by clever Machiavellian political manipulators like himself.
Alexander Hamilton was the founding father of constitutional subversion who denounced the Constitution as “a frail and worthless fabric” because it imposed so many limits on governmental powers.  He was the inventor of the subversive idea of “implied powers” of the Constitution and of using the General Welfare Clause to create a government of unlimited powers.



    Peter Lee in makes much the same point as Tom. The Democrats of course made the mistake of too much Hamilton, not enough Jefferson.

  2. Except for the double standard and hypocrisy the freedom to hire whom ever the employer chooses for whatever reason is what is advocated in this blog.

  3. History is propagandized enough in academia and non entertainment publications and productions. Those that watch, read, listen to entertainment based on historical events as though it is accurate, are part of our problem. Sadly it seems this is the norm. Especially how easy it can be to find information these days.

  4. When in doubt look for symbolism: