Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Major Shrinkage at The Wall Street Journal

Yet another indication of the hard times facing mainstream newspapers.

The Wall Street Journal has just announced that it is going to combine several sections. Five now standing separate sections will be combined into two.


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  1. If you HAVE a MSM subscription, CANCEL your subscription.
    They "hear" UNSOLD Media.
    The MSM & NPR/PBS is now "fair game" as it has abandoned all pretense of neutrality and openly operates as a Propaganda Arm for Hillary. The MSM should not cry about it's OPERATIVES coming under attack as they are COMBATANTS not reporters. Do not WHINE & CRY when your reporters become casualities .... you are no longer neutral, objective, or HONEST.
    The DUTY of the Press is to inform the People and expose government malfeasance They are TRAITORS and JUDAS GOATS lying to and deceiving the People.
    I will never again contribute to PBS/NPR and will work to cut their funding. Why are MY TAXES being used to promote that Trailer Trash Clinton?!