Friday, November 11, 2016

My Choices for Treasury Secretary

A commenter at my post, BREAKING: Trump Advisers Considering JPMorgan Chase CEO Dimon for Treasury,  asks who would I recommend for Treasury Secretary.

My top five choices have no chance but they are:

Murray Sabrin

Joe Salerno

Tom DiLorenzo

Walter Block

Chris Rossini

A long shot that has a real possibility:

Judy Shelton---she would be remarkable pick and even pretty solid on gold.

I wouldn't mind Pippa Malmgren either.

Of the names actually bandied about I'll stick with Jamie Dimon.

As I said in the original post, he really seems to understand the economy.  If it is going to be an establishment insider, I would rather have him than anyone else.  Plus I think he is tough enough to stand up to Trump when he starts going spending crazy.



  1. David Stockman would be a great choice as well.

  2. How could we push to get some of these educated minds into the Trump administration? I found an application form at via a link on, but I hardly know if that's the best way to pursue it.

  3. Roger Stone says the appointment decisions discussed in the media are baseless rumors: