Saturday, November 19, 2016

Now This Is A Scary View: Hailing the 1930s as an Economic Golden Age...

It was the era of FDR interventionism and the Great Depression.

Yet, Donald Trump's top adviser, Steve Bannon, just held that period out as a model for  Trumpian economic action.



  1. That statement was frightening. Either he doesn't know anything about he great depression or he still thinks we are in a hole from 2007. And negative interest rates don't hurt anyone! So why not make us all rich and lower interest rates to say -50%. I'd love to refi my mortgage and get some extra annual cash in my pocket.

    The Clintons may have been criminals but, and this is really weird when you think about it, I think they were better than Trump on economics.

  2. Could he have meant the Roaring 20's?

  3. This tells me that I am 100% accurate when saying that El Trumpo's economic policy is Fascism. That is what he intends to impose.