Sunday, December 11, 2016

Incoming Rio de Janeiro Mayor Wants to Tax Tourists to Pay Those Who Are Mugged... if taxation isn't a mugging.

No this is not a proposal for a Mel Brooks film.

The New York Times reports:
The mayor-elect of Rio de Janeiro is promoting a new idea to bolster tourism in his crime-plagued city: levying a new tax on tourists, then using the proceeds to reimburse visitors who are mugged.

The mayor-elect, Marcelo Crivella, a right-wing evangelical Christian gospel singer who was elected in October, floated his call for action this week at a luncheon with business leaders. Mr. Crivella, who will take office on Jan. 1, said his “bold proposal” could be funded by assessing a new tax on airplane tickets bought by tourists.
(via Tyler Cowen)

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