Monday, December 26, 2016

The Hospitality of a Multi-Billionaire Oil Sheikh

Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan al Nahyan is a member of the ruling royal family of the United Arab Emirates.
Based in Abu Dhabi, he is affectionately known as The Rainbow Sheikh because of his passion for the colors of the rainbow.

His family has ruled Abu Dhabi for more than three centuries now. He is said to be worth over $20 billion.

 Jeremy Clarkson, co-host of Amazon’s ‘The Grand Tour,’ had the opportunity to meet him and he considers it the greatest hospitality he has ever experienced.

Via The Wall Street Journal:
I took my children to meet [The Rainbow Sheik] for lunch. He had laid out every conceivable foodstuff—from Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald’s to an entire goat, with everything in between. “I did not know what your children would want” he said. And then, after lunch, he said: “Would you like to go skiing? We’ll go skiing on the sand dunes.” He said to my daughter, “Do you drive?” and she’s only about 12 years old. And I was drawing breath to say, “No, she can’t” but before I could, she said, “Yes, I can.” And he gave her a pink Jeep Wrangler so that she could go skiing in the desert. Now, that’s hospitality.

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