Monday, December 26, 2016

"No Government Vouchers for the Ron Paul Curriculum"

Gary North writes:
If you take the government's nickel, you also take its noose.
The voucher system necessarily requires the licensing of schools.... Vouchers will create a second, pseudo-free market school system, using "free" in both senses: independent and without cost to the users. The state-operated schools will then compete with the state-licensed schools. Almost no third alternative will be economically possible... 
The Ron Paul Curriculum costs $250 a year per family, plus $50 per course. "No vouchers accepted." The RPC will not accept vouchers as currency because it will not submit to the supervision of any civil government.
Parents do not need vouchers. They need liberty. Government funding for education in any form is a denial of liberty.
I hope that Mrs. DeVos is blocked [as Secretary of Education] if she proposes vouchers in any form. 
Read North's full essay here.


  1. My family uses the RPC. Of all the homeschool systems we've tried, this one has been the best received by all the kids. The lessons from Tom Woods and Gary North are well worth the price of admission.

  2. Will vouches give better schools than the current system? Will vouchers probably move us towards liberty compared to the current system? Yes and yes.

  3. Gary North makes some good points but vouchers are still better than public school monopoly. Vouchers decentralize public schooling and slows the growth of spending for public education. It also puts pressure on the government unions, fiscally and in their approach to education.

  4. In the movie "Amazing Grace", at one point William Wilberforce used the cover of war to get a measure passed that crippled the profit out of the slave trade. That made the final blow easier