Sunday, December 4, 2016

Trump Fanboys Reach Deeper Into the Distortion Machine

A Donald Trump policies move more and more into the direction of bizarre, Trump fanboys move further into the world of desperation.

At the post, A Note On Trump Fanboys, Tax Credits and The Seen and Unseen, where I explain that Trump's Carrier Tax Credit event was not a free market move, not a tax cut move, not a crony capitalist move but a Banana Republic Capitalism move that was chiefly about  making our future leader look great, this the distortion response a Trump fanboy put out:
Are you Kidding me???December 4, 2016 at 12:41 PMThe Wenzel-Weld Democrats will never stop whining. They are getting close to CNN level.

For the record, it is positively bizarre to put me in the Weld camp.

This was my post when Weld won the vice-presidential spot on the Libertarian Party ticket: The Horrific William Weld Wins Libertarian Party Vice Presidential Nomination

This was my response when Weld said positive things about Hillary Clinton: TOTAL ABORTION The "Libertarian" Town Hall Event on CNN

I have made clear that Hillary as president would be horrific and I even formed, Libertarians Against Clinton, Trump, Johnson and Stein.

I wrote in that post:
I do not see a significant difference between Trump and Clinton when it comes to war. They may bomb different places for different reasons but they are both bombardiers.

Johnson is a two-man (Weld) libertarian distortion machine. Stein is a Marxist.

The only edge for libertarians is to attack all these people.

I, for sure, am not going to get blood on my hands by supporting either Clinton or Trump.
My one nod to Hillary is that although she would be horrific on everything, she would never be able to get the kind of popular support that Trump is getting. And these Trump fanboy distortion attack comments prove that point. I have yet to see anyone comment negatively on an attack piece I have done on Hillary or Obama, but the Trump fanboys come out of the woodwork for their leader.

So fanboys knock off the bullshit if you really think the Carrier event was actually designed as a move toward free markets rather than just a bizarre crowd-op for Trump, make your case.

If  you just want to practice distortion attack commenting, head over to The New York Times and The Washington Post where I am sure you will be welcome.



  1. You whole argument against Trump is that Hillary Clinton has better policies, i.e. she is less a war hawk, she is less of an economic interventionist et, al. That is exactly Welds argument. It is dead-line accurate to put you in the Weld camp. You can not get out of this one.

    Criticize Trump - but don't criticize us who vote for him relative to the Libertarian Unicorn. We voted for Trump relative to the Clinton Spirit Cooker.

    If you want to criticize libertarians, don't criticize us for making a choice between two alternatives, criticize your own potheadtarians bros Gary Johnson and William Weld, for failing to provide a third, and setting the libertarian brand back 10 years. You're decision to go with the former instead of the latter reveals your cowardice. Step up to the plate. Back off.

    1. @Are you Kidding me???

      --- You whole argument against Trump is that Hillary Clinton has better policies ---

      At least this proves that Trumpistas are no different than their brethren on the Marxian side when it comes to making rubbish up.

      Robert was never a Johnson fan, if you care to know. And yes, it is fair to criticize libertarians who voted for El Presidente Trumpo and who remain defensive about it despite what he has done and is doing.

  2. Know your audience RW, come on. Marxist, leftwing maniacs don't read blogs touting free markets and liberty. You are attacking us because those of us who voted for trump over that evil witch are just waiting to give the man a chance before we denounce him. Trump is somewhat of an unknown quantity. In other words the jury is still out on what he will do in govt.

    Criticize him, sure. Just try to act like an adult and not a whining cry-bully lefty from CNN. All of us libertarians who voted for trump will not support him if (more like when) he becomes too dangerous to liberty. The line may differ for us individually but we are libertarians, we don't buy into cults of personality.