Sunday, December 4, 2016

Pence Ducks and Dodges on Whether Trump Will Label China a Currency Manipulator

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump said numerous times that he would label China a currency manipulator---a very bad idea from a free trade perspective.

But maybe he won't actually do it.

This morning on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Vice-President-elect Mike Pence dodged the question:
STEPHANOPOULOS: On day one, will he label China a currency manipulator?

PENCE: Well, he said that over the course of the campaign. And the truth of the matter is a lot is going to change in America's economic policies...


PENCE: -- not just with regard to China, but with regard to the North American Free Trade Agreement, with regard to -- look, we -- we've been -- America has been losing too much in jobs and economic growth on the world stage. And I think people can count on the fact that -- that President-elect Donald Trump, when he raises his right hand, is going to walk into the Oval Office and he's going to -- he's going to become a champion for Americans on the world stage.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So he will follow through on that promise?

PENCE: Well, he's -- he's going to fight for American jobs and -- and we're going to stop losing to China and to other countries.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Does that mean labeling them a currency manipulator?

PENCE: It -- it will be for the president-elect to decide whether he implements that policy after inauguration. He spoke about that in the course of the campaign.

But look, it's all about a process. He spoke to President Xi in China two weeks ago. They had a great conversation. He's begun the relationship there.

But after January 20, our new president will make decisions about what the policy of the United States will be.

But I promise you, America is going to start winning on world stage again and winning economically and -- and he'll make the right decisions.


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