Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Uber’s Self-Driving Cars Hit the Streets of San Francisco Today

For now, each of their self-driving vehicles will have not one, but two operators along for the ride: One behind the wheel, poised to take over, and another in the passenger seat, collecting and analyzing data on the trip to improve the technology and the ride, reports Recode.

For the San Francisco self-driving rollout, Uber will use specially modified Volvo XC90s, which Uber worked on in collaboration with Volvo. The sports utility vehicle is equipped with seven cameras, as well as a fast-spinning lidar system on the top to constantly scan and analyze the moving environment. And Uber’s own self-driving technology is integrated into the Volvo XC90s.

According to Recode, a ride in a self-driving Volvo will cost the same as an Uber X. The app will offer riders a chance to try it, if there’s a self-driving vehicle in their vicinity — but they will have to input their destination to receive the self-driving option, since the cars can’t leave San Francisco.


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